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Everyone always asks, the two guys who run this club are Andrew and Robert, so who the heck is Charlie?

Well here is Charlie, a pup that has a tremendous vigor for life, and gets more pleasure from the simple things in life than most could extract from the most decadent and luxurious pleasures know to humankind.  We hope the joy he has, can be attained by those who play chess.


Founder and President

Andrew Flores, Founder
Andrew Richard Flores, was first introduce to the game while in high school.  As fate would have it, he began playing chess at the Age of 15, when assigned a new lab partner in his biology class, and that person just happened to be Xiao Zhang, the Swedish National Junior Champion.  After just learning how to move the pieces three days prior, Andrew won 3 out of his 5 rated games.   

He continued to play during high school, becoming the captain of his team, and ultimately leading them to become state champions for the first time in over 20 years, during a time while the scholastic league had 4 experts, 9 A players, and several dozen B, C and D players.  He took a hiatus from the game while he attended university for about a decade, and has pick the game back up the last few years.  Since his return he has quite a few successes over the board, including earning the title of United States Chess Expert!


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Vice President


Robert Hampton
Robert Hampton, aka Mr. New Mexico Chess!  Robert has been playing chess for over 3 decades. If there is chess to be played in the state of New Mexico, you better believe he’s playing it.  He has done about everything there is to do as a chess amateur from playing an unrated player in the basement of a public library to playing the legendary Walter Browne on a cruise ship, he has even played match maker for grandmaster Jesse Kraai.  The man loves chess so much he could literally converse on the subject for days at a time. 


Currently, he is the coach for Cibola High School, and he isn’t even a teacher.  So the time he devotes to his team, is time he has to take off of work, truly an awesome and selfless person, but more importantly everyone’s favorite drinking buddy!